Basics of Tajweed & Qiraat

Tajweed-o-Qira’at is an online course which is designed for anyone who wants to gain extensive knowledge of Tajweed and how can someone utilize it for beautifying the Qur’anic Recitation.

Learning Weeks

The learning week starts on Monday 00:00 HRS am Pakistan Standard time and ends the following Sunday at 23:59. Weekly study material will be released at the beginning of each learning week. In-case of late enrollment students will have access to previous lectures.

Learning Resources

All Enrolled students will be provided the 10 Module’s lectures in DVD format before starting the course. These lectures will also be available online in their “lectures” section. The students will be divided into batches, who all participate in the same course; Students are encouraged to actively participate in the forums by posting questions, responding to questions posted by other students, or by commenting on discussion questions from the readings or recorded or live lessons. We recommend that the students watch the video at least once.

Quiz & Final Examination

At the end of each week on Friday 00:00 HRS PST Quiz will be available till Sunday 23:59 HRS PST. It is student’s responsibility to save and submit the quiz before deadline. All Quiz will be based on Multiple Answers. Scores will be available immediately after the Quiz attempt. After completing the Week 1, the student proceeds to Week 2 and follows the same procedure as for Week 1 till the end of the course.