ISLAMI ZONE is an Online Quran Institute. Providing One to One live classes. Our courses are designed to meet all age groups needs including Children, and adults. While our tutor's panel consist of highly educated and skilled teachers who are committed to provide individual attention to all students. Each Tutor is selected on merit and once selected they undergo a very intensive training of international standard Supervised by experts panel.

  • Availability of Standby Generator and UPS.
  • Complete Air conditioned.
  • Round the clock monitoring by CCTV Cameras.
  • 24 hours Maintenance/Support/Backup.
  • Security Guards.
  • Internal IT departments for fast and efficient support.
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    How to Connect ?

    UK Number
    +44 7770 474526
    Pakistan Number
    +92 304 872 5311
    New Approach to Courses

    Our experts on curriculum development has designed new courses to help improve student's recitation. Each course is divided in levels based on the standards of knowledge and skill. We have tested our new approach with multiple group of students and found amazing results.

    Team of Expert Mentors

    Our new course outlines makes a team of multiple tutors engaged with every student. They are trained to use best teaching strategies for effective learning.

    Achievement Certificate

    On Successful completion of Selected Courses, student will receive a certificate (digital format or written format on special demand) of Achievement from IslamiZone.

    Virtual Classroom

    Our virtual classroom is a digital replica of a traditional classrooms. The instructors teach, and the participants learn in real-time, face-to-face. The classroom has all teaching tools enabled such as interactive white board, Live audio/video, Sharing of Learning Resources, recording of live sessions and much more.

    Free trial

    A 100% FREE trial is offered without any conditions attached to ensure the teaching methodology. You can continue after the free trial or discontinue the service if for some reason this service does not work for you and/or for your child. T&C apply*

    Examination Transcript

    Assessment is done at the time of enrollment as well as after finishing each level Examination will be taken by Senior mentors to track the improvement

    Lesson Recordings

    Lessons recording can be requested to help revise the lessons anytime. Recordings can be helpful for parents to assist children revise their lessons.

    Daily Progress Report

    Progress Report is sent to motivate students to do even better and give parents an insight into their child’s progress on a daily basis via email.

    Female Teachers

    Females Teachers are available to the student want to learn from females. Our teachers are highly experienced and certified in Quran tutoring to children and women

    Free Assesment

    For testing your Qur'an skills, avail free assessment via ISLAMI ZONE to identify the potential and weaknesses of your Qur'an recitation. Our experienced teacher’s panel is available for counseling 24/7

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